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This concept is the brainchild of Earthshine. Check out the original LiveJournal incarnation.
TBF takes the idea a little farther. There are 3 types of challenge:
  • Announced challenge - this is the standard challenge type. The poster announces it in advance (typically a week) without specifying the rules. When the challenge is issued, the rules are posted and participants have the time limit of the chllenge to write and post their response.
  • Instant challenge - This challenge is accepted by opening it. Once the writer clicks on the link to accept the challenge, they have the time limit of the challenge to write and post a response.
  • Open challence - ongoing challenge. Writers can post a response at their leisure.

This is a place for people who enjoy writing but don't have a lot of time for larger projects to develop their skills via quick, time-limited writing challenges. The idea is that the time limit serves both as motivation to write, and as an excuse to not worry so much about the quality or quantity of the writing so everyone can just have fun with it.

The Idea

  1. Announcement: A community member posts an Announcement to the community stating exactly when a Challenge is coming down the pipe.

  2. Challenge: At the announced time, that member posts to the community their Challenge: a short set of rules/guidelines for a work of fiction, along with a short-ish time-limit.

  3. Responses: Other members then post to the community original works of fiction (as short as they please) as Responses that meet the requirements and time-limit of the Challenge.

  4. Feedback: Members may choose to post awards or other recognition, and anyone can comment with feedback.

  5. Fun: Repeat from Step 1. Mirth is had by all.

The Rules & Guidelines (short form)
  • An Annoucement for a Challenge is posted at least 1 week before the Challenge with notice of what the time-limit will be. The Challenge is then posted at the announced time with its details and a time-limit. (If you want to post a challenge, please peruse the full rules and guidelines for the necessary details.)

  • Authors post Responses to a Challenge within time-limit. Each Response has a link to the challenge, any necessary content warnings, and then the author's work of fiction (under a cut).

  • Submitting "fanfic" and similar works is not forbidden, but there are a few caveats, so please see the full rules and guidelines before doing so.

  • Play nice, follow the rules, don't break the law or LJ's rules/guidelines, and respect IP rights. The moderators will be as nice, open-minded and reasonable as possible, but reserve the right to take action as necessary.

  • Feel free to chit-chat in comments, but members should try to limit actual community posts to Announcements, Challenges and Responses.

  • Giving helpful feedback, bestowing recognition, asking questions and helping others are always great... but most of all, participate!

More specifics on all this stuff are provided in the full rules and guidelines for the community.